JDK 19 / Java 19 has proposed two features

JDK 18/Java 18 has been released last month, according to the plan JDK 19 will be released in September this year, a few days ago the official proposed two features that will be released in the next version. One is the Vector API, and the other is a port of the JDK to RISC-V. The former Vector API is an API that expresses vector computation and will be incubated for the fourth time in the next Java release; the latter proposes a feature to port the JDK to the open source Linux/RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA).

JDK 18 / Java 18 GA is released

JDK 18 / Java 18 GA is released. JDK 18 is a short-term maintenance release that will receive six months of support. Despite this, it is still available for use in production environments. According to the development plan, JDK 19 will be released this September, and the next LTS version, JDK 21, will be released in September 2023. JDK 18 includes a total of nine JEPs, as well as hundreds of smaller enhancements and more than a thousand bug fixes.