JavaFX 19 is now released, JavaFX 19 requires JDK 11 or higher. This release has enhanced video and CSS features and fixed some touch screen bugs.

Additional JavaFX 19 features: Faster creation of observable ArrayList in FXCollections, allowing users to update the list of available printers without restarting the application.

Other updates.

  • Added CSS pseudo-classes :focus-visible and :focus-within to support visual focus indication and nested focus visual effects, respectively.
  • A modal behavior fix has been implemented for Stage on Linux platforms.
  • Touchscreen-related bug fixes have been implemented, such as disappearing scrollbars on touch-enabled devices and scroll pane edge bounce on Raspberry Pi.
  • Dependency upgrades have been made, such as upgrading SQLite to version 3.37.2 and Glib to version 2.72.0.
  • Provided better long caching for security purposes and improved WebKit references.

Additional content can be found in the update announcement: